Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2015 Mock Newbery List #2

Lunch meetings for the book club begin this week. Students should check out a book from the reading list soon. See Mrs. Potter at the FES Library or stop by the FML Library if you need a book from the lists.

Here are the titles on List #2.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

2015 Mock Newbery List #1

Welcome to the 2015 Mock Newbery Book Club!

Dear Fourth and Fifth Grade Students,

I've spent the summer reading lots of new children's books. So far I've selected nine titles for our first Mock Newbery reading list. A second list with several more titles will be released later in the fall. Special thanks goes to Meghan Dye from Falmouth High School. Meghan read books and made recommendations to the Mock Newbery list during the summer months.

Registration forms for 4th and 5th grade students interested in joining the Mock Newbery Book Club will be handed out in September. We will meet during designated lunch periods during the months of September, October, November, and December. Students will vote for their favorite Mock Newbery books in January.

Mrs. Potter

Mock Newbery Book Club Registration Form

Mock Newbery List #1

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Winner of the 2014 FES Mock Newbery Award

The winner of the 2014 FES Mock Newbery Award is....

Rump by Liesl Shurtliff

2014 Honor Books

Flora & Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo

The Water Castle by Megan Frazer Blakemore

Words with Wings by Nikki Grimes

Members of the 2014 FES Mock Newbery Book Club

Mrs. Potter has started reading 2014 titles and is on the lookout for books for next year's book club. Sign up for the 2015 FES Mock Newbery Book Club will take place in September.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

2014 FES Mock Newbery List #2

Sixty-five very excited readers have been making their way through List #1. Recently the second Mock Newbery list was revealed for a total of 15 titles. Students will continue to discuss the books during lunch meetings until January when they will vote for the book they think should win the 2014 Newbery Medal.

FES Mock Newbery List #2

Africa is My Home: A Child of the Amistad by Monica Edinger and Robert Byrd
Random House
Historical Fiction

Flora and Ulysses: The Illuminated Adventures by Kate DiCamillo and KG Campbell
Candlewick Press

The Real Boy by Anne Ursu
Walden Pond Press

Words With Wings by Nikki Grimes
Realistic Fiction/Novel in Verse

The Year of Billy Miller by Kevin Henkes
Harper Collins
Realistic Fiction

Monday, September 2, 2013

Registration is Open for the FES Mock Newbery Book Club!

Are you in 4th or 5th grade? 
Do you love reading? 
Do you enjoy talking about books? 
Sign up for the FES Mock Newbery Book Club.

Mrs. Potter will visit 4th and 5th grade classrooms during the first weeks of school to explain how the book club works. Registration forms are due by Friday, September 13, 2013.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

2014 FES Mock Newbery List #1

While students and teachers are enjoying this beautiful, Maine summer, it's the perfect time to start thinking about the books the FES Mock Newbery Book Club will read in the fall. Students are encouraged to start checking out these books from the public library during the summer months. The FES Library will have multiple copies of each book in the fall.

Fourth and fifth grade students are invited to sign up for the FES Mock Newbery Book Club in September. Book club meetings take place during lunch once or twice each month. Mrs. Potter will visit all fourth and fifth grade classrooms with more details and registrations forms during the first weeks of school.

2014 FES Mock Newbery List #1
(List #2 will be announced in October.)

The Center of Everything by Linda Urban
Harcourt Children's Books
Realistic Fiction

Courage Has No Color by Tanya Lee Stone

Doll Bones by Holly Black
Margaret K. McElderry Books
Duke by Kirby Larson

A Girl Called Problem by Katie Quirk
Eerdman's Books for Young Readers
Realistic Fiction

Lincoln's Grave Robbers by Steve Sheinkin
Scholastic Press

The Mouse with the Question Mark Tail by Richard Peck
Dial Books for Young Readers

Rump: The True Story of Rumplestiltskin by Liesl Shurtliff

The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp by Kathi Appelt
Atheneum Books for Young Readers
The Water Castle by Megan Frazer Blakemore
Walker Books for Young Readers
Science Fiction

Friday, January 18, 2013

Announcing the Winner of the 2013 FES Mock Newbery

75 students in fourth and fifth grades took part in the Falmouth Elementary School Mock Newbery Book Club.

 For four months the students read books from the FES Mock Newbery Lists. We used the Newbery criteria to discuss the books during lunch meetings.

The votes have been counted, and the winner is...

  Wonder by R.J. Palacio


FES Mock Newbery Honor Books

(in order by voting)

The False Prince by Jennifer Nielsen

Liar & Spy by Rebecca Stead

The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate

Special Thanks...

The FES Mock Newbery Book Club would like to thank August Scattergood and Jennifer Nielsen for Skyping with us.

We enjoyed talking with Augusta Scattergoodabout how she got the idea and did research for Glory Be.

We also liked hearing about The Runaway King (sequel to The False Prince) when we met Jennifer Nielsen.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Author Skype Event!

Members of the FES Mock Newbery Book Club are invited to Skype with
 Augusta Scattergood, author of Glory Be
from 3:30-4:30 on Wednesday, November 28th. 
Students need to sign up in advance with Mrs. Potter.

Many of the 75 members of the book club have read Glory Be this fall. The FES Library copies of Glory Be have been checked out 32 times since September 4th, and we still have a waiting list!

The historical fiction novel has had a huge impact on our readers; kids have had a lot to say about the character of Glory during our lunch discussions.

Ms. Scattergood lives in Florida, and she has graciously agreed to meet with our book club. Visit Augusta Scattergood's web site for more information about her background as a librarian and a writer. http://www.augustascattergood.com/

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Spindlers

The Spindlers
by Lauren Oliver
Harper Collins

From the publisher:
One night when Liza went to bed, Patrick was her chubby, stubby, candy-grubbing and pancake-loving younger brother, who irritated and amused her both, and the next morning, when she woke up, he was not. In fact, he was quite, quite different.
When Liza's brother, Patrick, changes overnight, Liza knows exactly what has happened: The spindlers have gotten to him and stolen his soul.
She knows, too, that she is the only one who can save him.
To rescue Patrick, Liza must go Below, armed with little more than her wits and a broom. There, she uncovers a vast world populated with talking rats, music-loving moles, greedy troglods, and overexcitable nids . . . as well as terrible dangers. But she will face her greatest challenge at the spindlers' nests, where she encounters the evil queen and must pass a series of deadly tests—or else her soul, too, will remain Below forever.

Little Rock Girl 1957

Little Rock Girl 1957: How a Photograph Changed the Fight for Integration
by Shelley Tougas
Compass Point Books

From the publisher: Nine African American students made history when they defied a governor and integrated an Arkansas high school in 1957. It was the photo of one of the nine trying to enter the school a young girl being taunted, harassed and threatened by an angry mob that grabbed the worlds attention and kept its disapproving gaze on Little Rock, Arkansas. In defiance of a federal court order, Governor Orval Faubus called in the National Guard to prevent the students from entering all white Central High School. The plan had been for the students to meet and go to school as a group on September 4, 1957. But one student, Elizabeth Eckford, didnt hear of the plan and tried to enter the school alone. A chilling photo by newspaper photographer Will Counts captured the sneering expression of a girl in the mob and made history. Years later Counts snapped another photo, this one of the same two girls, now grownup, reconciling in front of Central High School.

Moonbird: A Year on the Wind with the Great Survivor B95

Moonbird: A Year on the Wind with the Great Survivor B95
by Phillip Hoose (Maine author)
Farrar, Straus and Giroux

From the publisher: B95 can feel it: a stirring in his bones and feathers. It’s time. Today is the day he will once again cast himself into the air, spiral upward into the clouds, and bank into the wind.
He wears a black band on his lower right leg and an orange flag on his upper left, bearing the laser inscription B95. Scientists call him the Moonbird because, in the course of his astoundingly long lifetime, this gritty, four-ounce marathoner has flown the distance to the moon—and halfway back!
B95 is a robin-sized shorebird, a red knot of the subspecies rufa. Each February he joins a flock that lifts off from Tierra del Fuego, headed for breeding grounds in the Canadian Arctic, nine thousand miles away.  Late in the summer, he begins the return journey.
B95 can fly for days without eating or sleeping, but eventually he must descend to refuel and rest. However, recent changes at ancient refueling stations along his migratory circuit—changes caused mostly by human activity—have reduced the food available and made it harder for the birds to reach. And so, since 1995, when B95 was first captured and banded, the worldwide rufa population has collapsed by nearly 80 percent. Most perish somewhere along the great hemispheric circuit, but the Moonbird wings on. He has been seen as recently as November 2011, which makes him nearly twenty years old. Shaking their heads, scientists ask themselves: How can this one bird make it year after year when so many others fall? 

On the Road to Mr. Mineo's

On the Road to Mr. Mineo's
by Barbara O'Connor
Farrar, Straus and Giroux

From the publisher: Summer days drift by slowly in Meadville, South Carolina--that is, until Sherman the one-legged pigeon flies into town and causes a ruckus. First Stella, who's been begging for a dog, spots him on top of a garage roof and decides she wants him for a pet. Then there's Ethel and Amos, an old couple who sees the pigeon in their barn keeping company with a little brown dog that barks all night. The pigeon lands smack in the middle of Mutt Raynard's head, but he's the town liar, so no one believes him. And when Stella's brother Levi and his scabby-kneed, germ-infested friends notice the pigeon, they join the chase, too. Meanwhile, across town, Mr. Mineo has one less homing pigeon than he used to...

Splendors and Glooms

Splendors and Glooms
by Laura Amy Schlitz

From the publisher: The master puppeteer, Gaspare Grisini, is so expert at manipulating his stringed puppets that they appear alive. Clara Wintermute, the only child of a wealthy doctor, is spellbound by Grisini’s act and invites him to entertain at her birthday party. Seeing his chance to make a fortune, Grisini accepts and makes a splendidly gaudy entrance with caravan, puppets, and his two orphaned assistants.
Lizzie Rose and Parsefall are dazzled by the Wintermute home. Clara seems to have everything they lack — adoring parents, warmth, and plenty to eat. In fact, Clara’s life is shadowed by grief, guilt, and secrets. When Clara vanishes that night, suspicion of kidnapping falls upon the puppeteer and, by association, Lizzie Rose and Parsefall.
As they seek to puzzle out Clara’s whereabouts, Lizzie and Parse uncover Grisini’s criminal past and wake up to his evil intentions. Fleeing London, they find themselves caught in a trap set by Grisini’s ancient rival, a witch with a deadly inheritance to shed before it’s too late.

Starry River of the Sky

Starry River of the Sky
by Grace Lin
Little Brown Books for Young Readers

From the publisher: The moon is missing from the remote Village of Clear Sky, but only a young boy named Rendi seems to notice! Rendi has run away from home and is now working as a chore boy at the village inn. He can't help but notice the village's peculiar inhabitants and their problems-where has the innkeeper's son gone? Why are Master Chao and Widow Yan always arguing? What is the crying sound Rendi keeps hearing? And how can crazy, old Mr. Shan not know if his pet is a toad or a rabbit?

But one day, a mysterious lady arrives at the Inn with the gift of storytelling, and slowly transforms the villagers and Rendi himself. As she tells more stories and the days pass in the Village of Clear Sky, Rendi begins to realize that perhaps it is his own story that holds the answers to all those questions.

Newbery Honor author Grace Lin brings readers another enthralling fantasy featuring her marvelous full-color illustrations. Starry River of the Sky is filled with Chinese folklore, fascinating characters, and exciting new adventures.